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Your West Coast adventure starts here!

Saldanha and surroundings have many activities, things to see and do and attractions. There’s something for the whole family! 

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North Head Lighthouse, Saldanha Bay

The first North Head Lighthouse on the northern side of the Saldanha Bay entrance, in South Africa, was a 300mm AGA acetylene gas lantern mounted on a square concrete pillar, installed on December 7, 1939. It had a small diaphone fog signal. A new aluminium tower came into operation on 1969-12-02, about 100 metres from the previous lighthouse. The fully automatic revolving electric optic is powered by triple mutual diesel/alternator sets. The lighthouse is monitored at Cape Columbine.

Saldanha Bay

Saldanha Bay is a natural harbour on the south-western coast of South Africa. The current population of the municipality is estimated at 72,000. The place is mentioned in the first edition of John Locke's Two Treatises of Government as an example of the state of nature. Saldanha Bay's location makes it a paradise for the watersport enthusiast, and its local economy being strongly dependent on fishing, mussels, seafood processing, the steel industry and the harbour.


The nature reserve lies on a peninsula within the military base on the end of Saldanha Bay, but don't let the military association put you off. The reserve has exceptional sea views and the rocks and vegetation combine for a beautiful setting. The reserve is open to the public; enter via boom gates at the military academy. Although the trail markings are not particularly clear – there used to be clear red, green, blue and yellow trail indicators - and many of the route markers are either old or broken,the ride is easy as most of the terrain is flat, and the routes are not difficult to work out as they follow jeep track and dirt roads around the peninsula.

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One of five slackpacker trails that take place in the Cape West Coast Biosphere, Eve's Trail is a wilderness hike that starts on the white sands of the beach south of the West Coast National Park. The theme of this trail, as the name suggests, is walking in the footsteps of Eve, who is regarded as the mother of all human life. The spectacular scenery and lack of human activity gives one an idea of what it must have been like to be governed only by the sun, the stars and the tides. The idea is that you spend the next 2.5 days without a watch, and live at the same pace as nature to replenish your soul.

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Malgas Island

Malgas Island is a small, 8.3 hectares, uninhabited island lying in the northern part of the entrance to Saldanha Bay, in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It lies about 800 metres from the mainland in the Benguela upwelling system. It is circular in shape and flat, with the highest point about 9 metres above sea level. It is known for its large breeding colony of Cape gannets.


This gorgeous little retreat is a pristine and relatively unspoilt beach, despite being so popular amongst locals and travellers. The beach is located in the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, which shares its border with the charming fishing village of Paternoster. This is the western-most beach on the whole of the Cape West Coast. The area is great for camping because it is beautiful, peaceful, and close enough to the city for a weekend getaway.

What else is there?

There’s still plenty to do on the West Coast!

– horse riding
– paragliding

– cycling

– catamaran/yacht rides

– sunset boat trips

– scuba diving

– visit the nearby West Coast National Park
– water sports

– windsurfing

– kite-surfing

– kayaking

– fishing

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